Will Registration – Testator Protection

Those of us involved in Willwriting know that a Will is an essential document to protect our client and their estate after death. It is a sensible step, indeed the only practical step to take to ensure their estate is administered in the way they would wish. Clients, however, often find that making a Will is one of those things they find difficult to think about, even harder to talk about and even harder still to actually do.

Anything that can be done to make the client feel more comfortable with this 'taboo' subject should be embraced. As we all know, reassurance is an essential part of the Willwriters' job.

The reassurance that comes from registering a Will with the National Will Register is obvious. It helps us protect against our clients' Wills being lost. Our testators know that there is a note, on a national register, of the whereabouts of their Will.


Adopting the best practice of Will registration, through the National Will Register, is a way of giving your clients the reassurance and protection they deserve.