An Opinion on IPW Will Registration

In order to identify the best course of action in any situation it is important to first ascertain the facts relating to it.  The situation, in this case is the Institute of Professional Willwriters and its working relationship with the National Will Register. The choices for the best course of action may simply be defined as whether to register a Will or not register a Will.

Much has been written on the subject and, it is fair to say, on balance there seems to be a considered bias, in many organisations, towards registering Wills. The reasons for this are manifold. It is believed that the risk profile of a Willwriter is somewhat reduced through the registration of Wills and  that, indeed, the risks of negligence can be mitigated to an extent by adopting the procedure. Whilst legal opinion on the matter seems to centre on law firms, the essence of protection afforded by Will registration is thought to offer similar benefits to IPW members.